The Kings Chamber Orchestra

Kings Symphony Orchestra ~ Kings Sinfonietta

Formed in 1985 by Gerard Le Feuvre, and ranging in size from 9 to 60 players, the King's Chamber Orchestra is an outstanding professional orchestra, who perform many times throughout the year in London, the Home Counties, and occasionally abroad. Originally performing as a symphony orchestra, regular concerts as a chamber orchestra began in the 90s to support the Christian charitable work of Youth With A Mission at the suggestion of a cousin of Gerard's. Consequently the orchestra's first series in the smaller format were given at YWAM's beautiful estate in Harpenden Herts.

Today the number of concerts has expanded from its original handful to 45 a year, mostly as a chamber orchestra but sometimes as a symphony orchestra or chamber ensemble. KCO's members are distinguished musicians, committed Christians, and friends whom Gerard has gathered together while freelancing with some of the finest orchestras in the country, and who share an interest in breaking down traditional walls for the sake of reaching a new generation.

The orchestra's enthusiasm and humour, and a unique ability to touch the public with improvisations and worship, has attracted large and often unprecedented audiences wherever it has regularly performed. During the last twenty years KCO has broadcast, recorded, and performed in a variety of venues ranging from the Royal Albert Hall to a number of more local venues in the "shires".

Because of the unique way our concert programmes are presented - with humour depth and originality - we distinguish between those programmes of our own (KINGS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA) and those programmes where we are effectively hired to perform someone else's programme. This is common in support of a choir for a special occasion or similar, and under those circumstances we perform under the name KINGS SINFONIETTA.

KCO has released 6 CDs available at our concerts and through this website.

It's hard to put into words what marks us as different from other orchestras, but people constantly tell us we are fundamentally different. Victor Hugo said "the very devil is in the sea, it's billious sameness lures us in all directions, but the ship has a soul and that soul is its compass". We have found in the unity of our Christian faith, a compass of profound depth and joy, and although many people are unaware of our Christian faith, no-one coming to our concerts remains unaware of our depth and joy.