Works composed by Gerard Le Feuvre

A selection of works by Gerard Le Feuvre published by Kings productions

For cello:
1. Variations on a shaker melody for solo cello (traditional melody and style, virtuosic)

For cello and piano:
1. Sounds interesting for cello and piano (very contemporary style)

For cello ensemble:
1. "Fanfare for the King" 4 celli (grade 7-8)
2. "Grave Mysterioso and Rhumba" 12 celli (professional standard)
3. Guernsey Gosh in Gill's Kitchen 4 celli (grade 2-4)

For piano:
1. Sarah's Day (romantic miniature)

For strings:
1. A Happy Tune - for education concerts demonstrating "sharing the tune"
(also available for String Quartet)

For bassoon and strings:
1. "Lasting Romance" Bassoon and string orchestra
(Bassoon and 6tet or Bassoon and piano versions available)

For choir:
1. Weep Not (SATB) choir and Organ for memorials and funerals
2. "Island Home" An anthem for Jersey unison or SATB
3. Proverbial Canons A collection of 30 original canons for voices, text from the book of proverbs.(editing currently)

For choir and orchestra:
"The Rock"
A celebration work for 800 years of Jersey's unique independence and loyalty to the crown:
1. Choir copy
2. Orchestral parts 3223 43211 5 perc pno hp strings (hire only)
4. Instrumental reduction (piano duet, organ, Trumpet and percussion) - in preparation