"Many congratulations on your magnificent fanfare... It is both a wonderful enhancement to the 1204-2004 celebrations and a lasting reinforcement to the Island's sense of pride and identity... Very few works of art pass the tingling spine test, but your fanfare is among them."

Gerard Le Feuvre - Composer

Gerard was always interested in composing; an interest which came to the fore at the Royal Academy in the wake of an horrific accident; whilst parachuting for charity (his parachute didn't open properly). Living life in the fast lane in his youth, and now unable to walk without crutches for a year, he threw himself into writing wrote and played music faster than ever! "As a child I dreamt constantly of being able to fly. My hero's were 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', 'Superman', and every type of bird. My love of birds continues to this day. Perhaps my parachuting accident "grounding" me the way it did, forced me to fly even more through my music. I had begun composing at about thirteen, but found while at the Royal Academy that my heart was really in it. I owe my composing roots to one of Jersey's most magnificent musicians; the late Stanley Sackett. Stanley was a great organist and taught me harmony at the suggestion of my grandmother Margaret Averty- a founder member of the Festival Choir and a lovely musician. In all my years studying composition and the cello around the world, among many great influences, I was never taught harmony to the same depth and standard as by Stanley Sackett. Building on this legacy, I studied composition at the Royal Academy with Melanie Daiken, herself a student of Olivier Messiaen. I loved her classes and developed a sense of drama and an endless search for colour."

As a composer Gerard has written a steady stream of works of the years for friends and occasions. Among these works are incidental music for plays, numerous works for cello orchestra, repertoire for the bassoon (and more specifically for Sarah, his bassoonist wife), works for piano, and of course for cello. Some of these works have been performed and broadcast in Scandinavia and North America as well as in the UK. A short quartet movement has received scores of performances in London. A hallmark of Gerard's compositions is his lifelong interest in exploring themes of hope, redemption, and healing in music.