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Grab your children and get along, or if you don't have your own, grab someone else's (with proper permission, naturally) and pretend you're there just for the kids. You'll have a whale of a time..."

Jersey Evening Post

"The best education programme I have ever heard."

A professor at the Royal College of Music, after the Cambridge Festival 2006.

'We consistently see God's presence touching hearts through their music'

Lynn Green, International Chairman, YWAM

'There is no orchestra I would rather hear than the Kings Chamber Orchestra. I have never come across a group of musicians so exceptional and yet so relational, so technically skilled and yet so passionate and spiritual. I unreservedly recommend them'.

Rev Dr Mark Stibbe Vicar of St Andrews Chorleywood, best selling author and international conference speaker

'Kings Chamber Orchestra are professional, creative, inspiring, entertaining, but more than that, they enable the listeners to tune into the melody of heaven.'

J. John

"...this outstanding professional orchestra gives the most original and exciting children`s concerts I have ever heard. Relaxed and informal, its imaginative programming is brilliantly presented-the "DIY" conducting was a real hit with my two children and they loved the way the musicians walked through the audience too. Way better than anything I have seen in Central London - a treat for the adults too!"

Helen Mansfield, Producer, BBC TV Classical Music

"There aren't enough superlatives. Everyone was so thrilled and 'wowed'. One of my many memories of the day was turning up at 2.30 to set up the table for selling tickets for the 3pm Teddy concert and finding 30 people waiting at the door. The queue didn't end until 5 minutes after the concert began. It was overwhelming. We had 650 through our doors that day - and many, particularly for the Teddy concert, I had never seen before. It was a gift. "

"A great day of fun and music for all the family. Many young people, not particularly into classical music, were enthralled with the programme. Gerard has a natural and embracing way of engaging with people of all persuasions and ages. We will definitely be inviting them next year ... and we expect another sell-out."

"The Teddy Bear concert was a real treat for children of all ages, and even for the adults! The atmosphere was relaxed and informal - asking the children to bring their teddy bears along is such a simple idea, and yet works effectively - especially the way that the teddies are woven into the concert. The whole thing was very participative - from the impactful start of the concerts with the violinists walking around the audience, to the DIY conductor piece, where children had the opportunity to conduct the orchestra themselves. A wonderful way to spend part of a Sunday afternoon, and a fun introduction to children to a live classical music concert."

Alison (a "punter")

"I have never enjoyed such glorious, sublime music as we had last night"

"quite incredible."

"the most moving, most wonderful musical experience"

"Quite amazing"

"Music was out of this world"


"completely blown away - music was phenomenal"

" an unforgettable experience"



"Please convey my sincere thanks to all the members of the Kings Orchestra for a truly memorable evening. The concert yesterday was wonderful. I came away on a cloud of euphoria and am convinced I will be loathe to go to another concert however well regarded the orchestra are, as I know they will not have the passion and love the Kings Orchestra gave to us last night."

" ...Brilliant!"

"...truly moving and uplifting experiences."