Teddy Concerts

In established venues people have travelled across several counties to come to our "Teddy" concerts, which are a unique experience for all the family.

We don't want to give away too much about the coming season of teddy concerts, but we will be giving a series of performances of Van der Schplitz concerto entiled "Pringles Cave". We gave the 1st performance of that work earlier this year and were able to secure the services as soloist of non other than Benjamin Rolfe.

The educational work of the KCO has been boosted of the years by a series of unexpected windfalls: many years ago, while Gerard was indulging his passion for ice-cream and antiques in a remote coastal town while on tour, he stumbled upon a long lost sea-side orchestral library from the 1930s in an upper room above an ice cream parlour (as one does). The owner passed it on for a song, and many of the library's hilarious numbers (amid more established classics) have enthralled children in our family concerts. On a 2nd occasion Gerard went to buy a handful of items from the library of a retiring conductor, only to be given the library (approximately 2 car loads full!).

Evening Programmes

Usually including an interval and with refreshments, the evenings are extremely friendly events at which we aim to entertain and earn the respect of our audience, while sharing hilarious and often deeply moving stories from our lives as touring musicians. A unique aspect of our evenings is often to include a piece for narrator and orchestra, given with humour and often to startling and thought provoking effect.

Sample evening programmes have included:

Winter's Tales 1 - The Happy Prince

Bach - Stand Firm
Vivaldi - The Storm at Sea
Mascagni - Intermezzo
Farcas - Concerto All'Antico
Oscar Wilde - The Happy Prince

Winter's Tales 2 - The Selfish Giant

"Ferdinand The Bull"
Oscar Wilde's "The Selfish Giant"
music from Vivaldi's Seasons
Boccherini Fandango
Bach Brandenburg 3
Tchaikovsky Andante Cantabile

The Journey

Mozart divertimento No. 3 in F
Schubert Rondo for Violin and Strings
Vivaldi Concerto in Bm for 4 Violins
Van der Schplitz Unwritten Concerto (Highly-charged)
Le Feuvre Jersey Dreams for cello and strings
1 Island Home
2 Holding Hands
3 Hopes and Heroes
4 Deep Sleep
5 Endeavour

An English Picnic

Percy Grainger - English Country Garden
Elgar - Serenade movt or Chanson de Matin
James Horsfall - Mr Debussy
Percy Grainger - Londonderry Air with intro and birds
Saint Saens - The Swan
Grainger - Shepherd's Hey
Grainger Mock Morris
Van der Schplitz "Afternoon Tea" concerto
Benjamin Britten - Simple Symphony 1st and pizz movts
Holst - St Paul's Suite last movt
Percy Grainger - Handel in the Strand